Company Name Oliveo is dedicated to our daughter Olivia, who was the inspiration for the profile of our business. Care for her safety, proper development, comfortable upbringing conditions resulted in the experience that we have transferred to the production and distribution of children's beds in the Scandinavian style.
The arrangement of rooms in the Scandinavian style is associated with minimalism, which in its erroneous meaning refers to poor quality, low price and low-effort production. Intensive simple forms of real Scandinavian style result from centuries of experience and hard work. Furniture straight from Scandinavian, hides in its interior quality, functionality and aesthetics of the outside and the enormous possibilities of styling.
The arrangement of rooms in the Scandinavian style is characterized not only by an intense, simple form, but also by the extraordinary functionality and care for the health and safety of home users. Centuries-long experiences of Scandinavian designers have resulted in the creation of functional furniture, which is the foundation of unconventional interior designs.