Scandinavian style that is huge arranging potential which can only be limited by your imagination

Scandinavian style that is huge arranging potential which can only be limited by your imagination

The arrangement of rooms in the Scandinavian style is characterized not only by an intense, simple form, but also by the extraordinary functionality and care for the health and safety of home users. Centuries-long experiences of Scandinavian designers have resulted in the creation of functional furniture, which is the foundation of unconventional interior designs.

The Scandinavian style was born in the north of Europe, and its precursor is considered to be the Swedish painter Carl Larsson. The artist, living at the turn of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, started unusual geometric and spatial stylizations that over time enchanted people around the world. What is the secret to the success of the Scandinavian style? The arrangement of rooms from the north of Europe is characterized by high functionality and space. Furniture takes geometric shapes and gives the room maximum free space. Another feature of the style is minimalism. In a room, bedroom or other interior, they find necessary, delicate constructions like a wardrobe, bed, table or bookcase.  Even the type of add-ons shelves and lighting meet the functional and aesthetic qualities. An indispensable element of the Scandinavian style is bright colors. Walls and furniture are dominated by white, gray or shades colors of light brown whose task is to illuminate the room.  Scandinavians first of all liked the ergonomic furniture made of wood (simple, functional, safe), which through the play with bright colors and the maximum illumination of the room, give users a sense of peace and harmony.

A centuries-old craft culture that cares about quality and health

One of the reasons for the creation of the Scandinavian style are the long nights prevailing in the north of Europe. A small amount of daylight or its total absence caused depression, self-aggression, apathy or an eternal sense of fatigue. In Poland, a similar period is the time from November to March, when nights become decidedly longer and the human body begins to feel tired, caused by the lack of light. Drowsiness, apathy and even depressive states called "seasonal depression" appear. Scandinavian style through the play bright colors, wide space and a large amount of light neutralizes the effects of long nights. However, this is not the end of the advantages of this styleScandinavians also appreciate the very ergonomic use of furniture. The interior furnishings are minimalistic, handmade, made of solid wood, and the paints are made only of natural ingredients. A great example of ergonomics in the Scandinavian style is a cot for children. A simple form in the form of a house skeleton, a very low threshold in relation to the floor, natural materials make the child completely safe during sleep or play. Healthy and natural raw materials used for the production of Scandinavian furniture, also protect children from allergies and diseases, and provide a healthy and deep sleep.  Even the smells of natural materials have a soothing effect on the child's mental condition. The Scandinavian style has been valued for quality for generations. The furniture is made by hand from solid wood, which means that the constructions can withstand even one hundred years.

Scandinavian style - a foundation for unlimited arrangement possibilities

Health, functionality, quality and minimalism are the features of Scandinavian furniture. The Scandinavian style is based on these fundamental values, but the perfect complement to it is Scandinavian Living. Minimalism present in Scandinavian homes does not mean that they are empty, on the contrary! The arrangement method in the form of simple, geometric furniture is an ideal field for human imagination in the field of functional accessories. Staying with the example of a simple design bed for a child can be add a series of beautiful extras, that will give life to ordinary ergonomic object.  The play of light is a great idea. The bed in the shape of a house gives enormous opportunities to create light compositions from a number of light bulbs.  The illumination effect not only creates an aesthetic impression, but also provides better lighting than a bedside lamp. Szkieletowa struktura łóżka w kształcie domu sprawia, że używając kolorowego materiału, możesz stworzyć namiot dla dziecka, który buduje kreatywne myślenie u Twojego dziecka. Bright colors or natural colors of wood type materials are also an ideal starting point for a colorful design in the form of clouds, unicorns or flowers, which adorn a simple structure. Aesthetics depending on the parent's imagination will be supplemented with colorful accents that are essential for the child's proper emotional development. Minimalist furniture, i.e. a table, a shelf, can also be adorned with extraordinary accessories like a shining letter for the first letter of the name of a child. LED lighting used in any letter will ensure harmonious light that soothing effect on the psyche of the child. So again, aesthetics and functionality. Scandinavian Living is also other accessories such as decorative lamps, shelves, pillows, figurines that delicately revive the style in which the child's room is decorated, while maintaining a bright, basic tone, large space and a sense of comfort combined with the serenity of the spirit.