Furniture in the Scandinavian style versus stereotypes

Furniture in the Scandinavian style versus stereotypes

The arrangement of rooms in the Scandinavian style is associated with minimalism, which in its erroneous meaning refers to poor quality, low price and low-effort production. Intensive simple forms of real Scandinavian style result from centuries of experience and hard work. Furniture straight from Scandinavian, hides in its interior quality, functionality and aesthetics of the outside and the enormous possibilities of styling.

The Scandinavian style is associated mainly with the well-known and popular Swedish brand dealing in the production and distribution of furniture all over the world. Products of this brand, however, cause mixed feelings, because they symbolize cheap solutions, often of low quality and refer to various styles of interior design. It is an unfair and stereotypical approach to the real Scandinavian style. Of course, the well-known and popular brand also offers equipment corresponding to the conditions of the Scandinavian style, but it is only part of the offer that preserves the this design. Furniture from the north of Europe are of good quality, ergonomic, in bright tones and always create a large space thanks to its unusual construction. Furniture offered by the well-known brand often breaks these canons and have nothing to do with the Scandinavian style. They are made of chipboard, which can be easily damaged mechanically (for example, with a vacuum cleaner), it is difficult to transfer them entirely for fear of fractures or cracks, and often individual elements crumble at the hinges or handles.

Minimalism is a simple but intense form of stylization.

The Scandinavian style is opposed to powerful furniture, often found in Polish homes, and purchased from the world's Swedish giant. Huge wardrobes, often built-in, long curtains that reach the ground, bulky sofas or armchairs, giant dressers, are thoroughly mixed arrangements, not the Scandinavian style. The method of arranging spaces developed in Scandinavia is characterized by minimalism. The furniture is delicate, simple with geometric shapes. The color of the furniture is faithful only to bright colors, such as white, beige or gray. Each furniture fulfills an aesthetic as well as functional function. The Scandinavian style, thanks to its minimalism, acquires a lot of space and brightens up the room, which can not be said of monumental stylizations called "Scandinavian", such as built-in kitchens. The whole is complemented by Scandinavian Living. Tasteful additions fill raw geometric shapes and enliven the entire stylization. Beautiful, simple and colorful accessories in the form of shelves, lamps, vases give intensity to the Scandinavian style. The entire composition in the Scandinavian style gives a sense of space, security and harmonyA great example of the advantages of the Scandinavian style is the children's room. Wooden constructions are safe (simple, functional), natural materials (do not cause allergies), give a large space to play, and because of its simplicity create a huge field for mums and children in stylizations for the whole room.

Quality, quality and quality again

The Scandinavian style from the beginning of its existence prided itself above all on the quality of workmanship. From the 19th century, furniture has always been made of solid wood, manually and not machine-made from plywood. The construction of Scandinavian furniture was so solid that furniture was inherited from generation to generation! It is similar today. Workshops that make furniture in the Scandinavian style, create them from natural solid wood. Frames, structures thanks to solid materials are much more resistant to hardships. Bed for a child in the shape of a house has a capacity of 180 kg, which is two adult men. In addition, the wood itself gives an intense, healthy, positively associated smell, improves the microclimate of the room, which results in a long and healthy sleep. In the case of painted elements, ecological water-based paints are used that do not sensitize. In addition to high-quality materials, Scandinavian-style furniture is very practical. It is always possible to add safety barriers to the child's bed, which will ensure the safety of the child during sleep. The bunk bed has a ladder with wide rungs, no unnecessary sharp edges, inclined at an angle so that the child going up the top, had a maximum sense of comfort and safety. Every detail of furniture in the Scandinavian style is thought out to maximize their potential. High quality, ergonomics, natural high-class materials are features of a true Scandinavian style, which is mistaken associated with mass production, often of dubious quality at a low price.


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      sept. 18, 2019

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